31st August 2018
Veteran turns around eyesore property.
The site of an empty property on a residential road has been successfully redeveloped thanks to a Welsh Government loan.
The property, on Manley Road, Wrexham, had been empty for many years and attracted concerns from neighbours and the wider community due to being an eyesore and attracting antisocial behaviour.
Following the purchase of the property by a local property developer, and thanks to help from the Vibrant and Viable Places (VVP) Empty Property Loan, the old building was demolished and a new one has been built in its place.
The new site contains eight high quality self-contained flats.
The building was redeveloped by Shaun Stocker, a 27 year-old property developer from Wrexham.
Shaun suffered serious injuries while serving with the Army in Afghanistan, and has subsequently developed a career as a property developer.
He’s also a keen fundraiser for Blind Veterans UK and has raised thousands for the charity.
Shaun said:  “I’m very proud of this achievement and very grateful to Wrexham council for the loan – without this help, it would have been very hard to complete.
“I’m also grateful to my friend Tony Thackeray, who managed the build.
“It’s amazing to see such a beautiful building that was once an idea come to life, and it’s an added bonus to have made such a difference in the local area.”

Whilst visiting Australia for my osseointegration surgery, I met a wonderful Gentleman called Patrick Weaver, Author and Journalist. Over dinner, we discussed how I aspired to write my story. Patrick was extrememly interested in helping me as he had just written a best selling book for my surgeon Munjed Al-Muderis.
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